Sophos Duplicate IDs

I found my self in a large environment where someone decided to deploy an image with Sophos installed. This resulted in all the computers being seen as 1 single computer in the Sophos Enterprise Console.

This caused me to write the following scripts. scan the IIS logs looking for duplicate GUIDs from computer. It will output the IPs of the machines. This command will let you remotely fix the machines.(Remeber to whitelist psexec in Sophos)


Fix Duplicate WSUS Ids

If you have an environment that that does not use SYSPREP you have a good chance that you will have duplicate WSUS IDs on your network and alot of system not patching properly.

These pair of scripts will query your WSUS DB and if the computer name does not match the WSUS id in the database it will reset the WSUS ID on the workstation.

wsusclientid.asp -> install on WSUS server

susCLientID.vbs -> run as Startup Script