ReadyNAS Google Authenticator

I just finished configuration Google two-factor authentication on my ReadyNAS for ssh authentication. It works well so far.

You need to install the Root SSH Add-on from the forums so you can ssh into your readynas.

apt-get update
apt-get install mercurial make gcc apt-utils libc6-dev gdb libtag1-dev uuid-dev libpam0g-dev

The just follow these instructions

Google Voice Call Widget POST commands

Google made their Google Voice call widget flash only. There are alot of instances where you want to be able initiate a call from non-flash.

I hope this helps with integration to other projects.

The POST URLs are:

webButtonConnect expects the following parameters.
showCallerNumber (Google’s Widget send the number 1)
callerNumber (The 10 digit number with no spaces or dashes)
buttonId (the id value from your flash call widget)
name (The name of the caller)

cancelWebButtonCall expects the following parameters.
buttonId (the id value from your flash call widget)
callerNumber (the number of the call you want to cancel)

Post Returns:
ok=false (Error)
ok=true (Call Placed)

Here is a quick and dirty HTML form to make a call.

This is a Email to Google Calendar Quickadd gateway.

You can email a special address and it will take the subject of the email and send it to googles quickadd feature. This is a simple way to add events to your google calendar via email.

  • You need to have Zend’s Gdata framework installed.
  • The first code example you need to add your google calendar information
  • the 2nd peice of code parses the email and calls the the quickadd function
  • In cpanel setup a forwarder and pipe it to a program of TOGcal.php