This is a Email to Google Calendar Quickadd gateway.

You can email a special address and it will take the subject of the email and send it to googles quickadd feature. This is a simple way to add events to your google calendar via email.

  • You need to have Zend’s Gdata framework installed.
  • The first code example you need to add your google calendar information
  • the 2nd peice of code parses the email and calls the the quickadd function
  • In cpanel setup a forwarder and pipe it to a program of TOGcal.php

Gmail SSL Proxy

Everybody loves Gmail, but if you are trying to integrate other system i.e a ticket system that does not support ssl it might be a pain.

You can use as a proxy to connect your application to gmail.

  • Download and install delegate
  • run the command below(it will setup delegate to be a pop ssl proxy on port 110.)

In your application the pop server is localhost and your username is the proxy is generic, the username has the additional connection information so you can poll multiple accounts witht he same proxy) and the password is your usual gmail password

WHMCS Ahsay Plugin

Here is a a module/plugin for whmcs that controls an Ahsay off-site backup server.

It will automatically suspend and un-suspend off-site backup accounts.

Perl POP3 collector

This collects multiple pop3 email accounts and sends them to an smtp server. I wrote this as an exchange pop3 collector.

1. Set $inserver to your incoming mail server to collect the pop3 email from. If you need to collect from multiple pop3 servers just copy the script and run them separately.
2. Set $outserver to the server that you would like to move the email to. It does not have to be a local server.
3. Set the %accounts array with the pop3 account you would like to collect.
If you are collect multiple pop3 accounts %accounts might look like this.

Whatsup Vmware ESXi monitor

–These directions assume some whatsup knowledge.
–ESXi does not support SNMP gets, only TRAPS.


  • Install Python 2.6.x
  • Install pywbem
  • Download put it into c:\python26
  • In Whatsup create new windows credentials, for the domain use esx. For example use esx\root for the username and the input the password.
  • On the node make sure that its configured to use those credentials.
  • Create a new active script monitor and paste the code below.
  • Assign the active script monitor to your node and your all set.

I didn’t write the python script, if you have any problem please first test the python script from the command line. You have to use the windows installer for pywbem the latest version has a dependency that does not work in windows.

I have tested the script on IBM servers. Please let me know if you make any modifications to the script i would love to see them.

Here is my ClassesToCheck block, I added Fan and power supply.

Active directory web password reset

This is a simple webform that asks for the username and when you click submit it will generate a random password.


Dynamic VBS printer mapping

VBscript that reads the users info property in AD for a list of printers to map.

vbs script map drives

This is a basic vbscript that maps 2 network drives