Imail Web Administration Page SSO.

In my opinion Imail’s Active Directory integration is rudimentary at best. They took the all or nothing approach. The following code is something I wrote to let users logon with their Active Directory account to manage their Distribution Lists. It generates a random password in Imail and then automatically logs them in to the system. The user never knows their Imail password and they think its all connected.

Its also a simple example of HTML form automation with javascript.

Imail orphan cleaner in Perl

This perl script will compare your active directory and your imail directory. Any accounts that do not exist in AD will be moved to your orphan directory and their registry settings will be exported and deleted.

iMail aliases.txt to csv converter.

This will convert iMails aliases.txt file to a csv to import into outlook or similar.

'Convert imail alias.txt to something that is not useless.

Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8 

Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set filetxt = filesys.OpenTextFile("aliases.txt", ForReading) 

Set filetxtOUT = filesys.OpenTextFile("aliasesOUT.csv", ForWriting, TRUE) 
Set filetxtBAD = filesys.OpenTextFile("aliasesBAD.txt", ForWriting, TRUE) 

'get name
Set nameRegex = New RegExp
nameRegex.IgnoreCase = True
nameRegex.Pattern = """(.*?)"""

'get email
Set emailRegex = New RegExp
emailRegex.IgnoreCase = True
emailRegex.Pattern = "<(.*?)>"

filetxtOUT.WriteLine "Name, Email Address"
Do until filetxt.AtEndofStream
 txtline = filetxt.Readline
 'get name if 0 name is bad
 Set namevar = nameRegex.Execute(txtline)
 if namevar.Count = 0 then
  name = ""
  name = namevar(0).Value
 end if

 'get email address if 0 email is bad
 Set emailvar = emailRegex.Execute(txtline)
 if emailvar.Count = 0 then
  email = ""
  email = emailvar(0).Value
 end if

 'record bad lines to bad file
 if namevar.count = 0 AND emailvar.count = 0 then
  filetxtBAD.writeline txtline
  if len(name) > 2 then
   filetxtOUT.writeline name & "," & email
   filetxtOUT.writeline """" & name & """," & email
  end if
 end if

msgbox "DONE"