Whatsup Gold public satus page

Here is a simple example of a WhatsUp Gold public status page to show to end users. It will show the status of devices without giving them extra information they do not need.

Imail Web Administration Page SSO.

In my opinion Imail’s Active Directory integration is rudimentary at best. They took the all or nothing approach. The following code is something I wrote to let users logon with their Active Directory account to manage their Distribution Lists. It generates a random password in Imail and then automatically logs them in to the system. The user never knows their Imail password and they think its all connected.

Its also a simple example of HTML form automation with javascript.

IIS ASP Redirect

This is a small asp script that will let you have alias in IIS with out having to make them in IIS. You can put this in a custom 404 page.

so in my site, if you go to http://www.stephenjc.com/google it will redirect you to google’s site.