Exchange 2007 Mail Contact going to Gmail and Calendar Integration

A mail contact in Exchange 2007 that points to a Gmail account and the complaint was that they did not get proper calendar invites, they got a text email with the dreaded winmail.dat

The fix is to edit the mail contact in Exchange and change the Rich Text Format to Never for the contact.

This is a Email to Google Calendar Quickadd gateway.

You can email a special address and it will take the subject of the email and send it to googles quickadd feature. This is a simple way to add events to your google calendar via email.

  • You need to have Zend’s Gdata framework installed.
  • The first code example you need to add your google calendar information
  • the 2nd peice of code parses the email and calls the the quickadd function
  • In cpanel setup a forwarder and pipe it to a program of TOGcal.php