IMAP Copy to local file.

I had a mail server that only supported IMAP, but their webmail interface is horrible. So I decided to write a small script to grab the email from the imap server and save it locally. In my case the local directory is the mail directory in cpanel so I can use gmail to grab the emails via POP3 to use gmail. The mail flow is:


PHP hide download link

This is php code that I use to hide the download link to files.

This is a Email to Google Calendar Quickadd gateway.

You can email a special address and it will take the subject of the email and send it to googles quickadd feature. This is a simple way to add events to your google calendar via email.

  • You need to have Zend’s Gdata framework installed.
  • The first code example you need to add your google calendar information
  • the 2nd peice of code parses the email and calls the the quickadd function
  • In cpanel setup a forwarder and pipe it to a program of TOGcal.php

WHMCS Ahsay Plugin

Here is a a module/plugin for whmcs that controls an Ahsay off-site backup server.

It will automatically suspend and un-suspend off-site backup accounts.