Sophos UTM Reset License

The home version of Sophos UTM is limited to 50 IPs. I frequently go over due to visitor or my test lab at my location.

-Resetting the IP count- From (Jeff@Work)
1) Login to unit via SSH (you must have the “loginuser” and “root” user passwords set via the web interface).
2) Type “cc” and hit enter
3) Type “licensing” and hit enter
4) Type “active_ips@” and hit enter
5) Type “=[]” and hit enter
6) Type “..” and hit enter
7) Type “user_limit_exceeded$” and hit enter
8) Type “=0” and hit enter
9) Tyipe “exit”, to quit, and hit enter.

This is not meant to bypass the license requirement. The license is never reset as will fill up eventually in any kind of test or lab environment.

Sophos Duplicate IDs

I found my self in a large environment where someone decided to deploy an image with Sophos installed. This resulted in all the computers being seen as 1 single computer in the Sophos Enterprise Console.

This caused me to write the following scripts. scan the IIS logs looking for duplicate GUIDs from computer. It will output the IPs of the machines. This command will let you remotely fix the machines.(Remeber to whitelist psexec in Sophos)