Google Voice Call Widget POST commands

Google made their Google Voice call widget flash only. There are alot of instances where you want to be able initiate a call from non-flash.

I hope this helps with integration to other projects.

The POST URLs are:

webButtonConnect expects the following parameters.
showCallerNumber (Google’s Widget send the number 1)
callerNumber (The 10 digit number with no spaces or dashes)
buttonId (the id value from your flash call widget)
name (The name of the caller)

cancelWebButtonCall expects the following parameters.
buttonId (the id value from your flash call widget)
callerNumber (the number of the call you want to cancel)

Post Returns:
ok=false (Error)
ok=true (Call Placed)

Here is a quick and dirty HTML form to make a call.

3 thoughts on “Google Voice Call Widget POST commands”

  1. OMG! Thank you! I have hated that damn flash widget from day one. Today I finally decided to reverse engineer the S.O.B. and I figured I ought to search first to see if a like-minded fellow had already done it. So glad I found this page.

  2. HUGE Thank you for this. I was struggling to figure out this very information and I believe you just saved me from bashing my head through my laptop screen in frustration. Much appreciated and fantastically well done!

  3. Fantastic work! Just to make this even cooler, you can auto-fill and auto-submit the form upon page load by:

    – Replace each “id” field with your actual values as described in the original post
    – Add in the following code after the button item but before :


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