Deploying Java

We had a hard time getting a clean silent java deploy. There is a bug where the settings file has to exist for a silent install. This is the script i ended up with.

@echo off
rem We have to kill the browsers for a clean uninstall and install
taskkill /f /im iexplore*
taskkill /f /im firefox*
taskkill /f /im chrome*
taskkill /f /im safari*
taskkill /f /im msiexec.exe

rem we need a config file in order for java.
mkdir C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java
copy /y java.settings.cfg C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\

start /wait msiexec /i jre1.8.0_31.msi /qn INSTALL_SILENT=Enable AUTO_UPDATE=Disable WEB_JAVA=Enable EULA=0 /L*V "install.log"

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