Exchange/Office 365 add domains from EML files to SPAM block list

The script reads EML files from a directory and parses the header.from and adds the domain to the SPAM block list.


Spam Filter

$SpamFolder = "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\spam"

$DomainsNeverBlock = @('','','','')

$DefaultPolicy = Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy -Identity "Default"

$regex = [regex]"header\.from=(.*);"

Get-ChildItem -Path $SpamFolder -File | % {
    #Get-Content $_.FullName
    $from = (Get-Content $_.FullName | Select-String 'header.from')
    if($from -match $regex) {
        $domain = $Matches[1]
        if(-not $DomainsNeverBlock.Contains($domain)) {
            Write-Warning "Blocking Domain $domain"
           $DefaultPolicy | Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy -BlockedSenderDomains @{Add=$domain} -Confirm

#Sync Spam Policies
$OnPremPolicy = Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy -Identity "Cloud quarantine for on prem users"
$DefaultPolicy = Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy -Identity "Default"

$OnPremPolicy | Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy -AllowedSenderDomains $DefaultPolicy.AllowedSenderDomains -AllowedSenders $DefaultPolicy.AllowedSenders -BlockedSenders $DefaultPolicy.BlockedSenders -BlockedSenderDomains $DefaultPolicy.BlockedSenderDomains

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