Blackberry Multiple ReplyTo Addresses

This is how i have multiple reply to addresses from a single account on BIS. For my example i am going to use gmail, this can easily be adapted to other mail providers.

If you try to add another email account to BIS that points to the same mailbox you will get an error message that the email account already exists. The trick is to use a different server name for each account even though they point to the same mailbox.

For my primary gmail account i use, for my secondary accounts i use,

The gpop1 and gpop2 are just cnames to to trick BIS. You can either create your own cname records if you own a domain name or use mine.

  1. Make sure you can already send and receive from the other email accounts that you want to use in gmail.
  2. In BIS you need to be able to manually setup your account so in the system i usually use [email protected] and any password to get by the first screen and get into the custom setup.
  3. Now when you are setting up your alternate account be sure not to use the same server names but use the same username and password for your primary account.
  4. Set the email address to the address that you would like the From address to be in your email.
  5. After the account is added make sure you change the filter to only forward email on filter match. Since you have no filters no mail will be sent. This is to avoid duplicates.