Network Shares Migration Script

Some times its just easier to use command line tools then using WMI. This simple script migrates out shared folder system into the new structure that is the teachers name with two folders underneath it.


vbscript logon script

Our old logon script from 2002

F-Prot Antivirus Update

This is a old script i wrote back in 2002 to automatically update F-Prot antivirus in a lab environment.

Hidden Logon Script

This little vbscript wrapper will let you start a logon script hidden. Our logon scripts are batch and perl files and they all start with the black box. If you launch the script like hidelaunch.vbs logon.bat it will start the logon script hidden.

iMail aliases.txt to csv converter.

This will convert iMails aliases.txt file to a csv to import into outlook or similar.

Serv-U Helm3 Quota Interface

This is an OLD vb script that I wrote for HELM3 to read the FTP users and their quota from a SQL database and writes the data to the registry to enforce the quota from the FTP Server.

Dynamic VBS printer mapping

VBscript that reads the users info property in AD for a list of printers to map.

vbs script map drives

This is a basic vbscript that maps 2 network drives