Sophos UTM Reset License

The home version of Sophos UTM is limited to 50 IPs. I frequently go over due to visitor or my test lab at my location.

-Resetting the IP count- From (Jeff@Work)
1) Login to unit via SSH (you must have the “loginuser” and “root” user passwords set via the web interface).
2) Type “cc” and hit enter
3) Type “licensing” and hit enter
4) Type “active_ips@” and hit enter
5) Type “=[]” and hit enter
6) Type “..” and hit enter
7) Type “user_limit_exceeded$” and hit enter
8) Type “=0” and hit enter
9) Tyipe “exit”, to quit, and hit enter.

This is not meant to bypass the license requirement. The license is never reset as will fill up eventually in any kind of test or lab environment.

Dell Quick Connect Account Maintenance

Here is a group of Powershell scripts I wrote for account maintenance utilizing Dell Quick Connect

List accounts older than 2 years to remove HomeDirectory

Based on the OU determine HomeDirectory Location

Create HomeDirectory and Assign Permissions

Remove HomeDirectory

Deploying Java

We had a hard time getting a clean silent java deploy. There is a bug where the settings file has to exist for a silent install. This is the script i ended up with.

SCCM Container Query

I was asked to help write a script to query all machines that do not have the SCCM agent and produce their email address in a CSV file.

Hyper-V VM Trunk

I am running Sophos-UTM in Hyper-V and i needed a TRUNK port to the virtual machine so i can do vlan tagging. Here is the powershell code to implement it.

Example with Place Holders

get-vmnetworkadapter -vmname NAME_OF_VM | where-object -property MacAddress -eq "MAC_ADDR_OF_NIC" | set-vmnetworkadaptervlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList Start-End NativeVlanID DEFAULT_VLAN

Example with Real Data

get-vmnetworkadapter -vmname Sophos-UTM | where-object -property MacAddress -eq "1234567890AB" | set-vmnetworkadaptervlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList 10-20 NativeVlanID 10