Dell Quick Connect Account Maintenance

Here is a group of Powershell scripts I wrote for account maintenance utilizing Dell Quick Connect

List accounts older than 2 years to remove HomeDirectory

Based on the OU determine HomeDirectory Location

Create HomeDirectory and Assign Permissions

Remove HomeDirectory

Deploying Java

We had a hard time getting a clean silent java deploy. There is a bug where the settings file has to exist for a silent install. This is the script i ended up with.

SCCM Container Query

I was asked to help write a script to query all machines that do not have the SCCM agent and produce their email address in a CSV file.

Hyper-V VM Trunk

I am running Sophos-UTM in Hyper-V and i needed a TRUNK port to the virtual machine so i can do vlan tagging. Here is the powershell code to implement it.

Example with Place Holders

get-vmnetworkadapter -vmname NAME_OF_VM | where-object -property MacAddress -eq "MAC_ADDR_OF_NIC" | set-vmnetworkadaptervlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList Start-End NativeVlanID DEFAULT_VLAN

Example with Real Data

get-vmnetworkadapter -vmname Sophos-UTM | where-object -property MacAddress -eq "1234567890AB" | set-vmnetworkadaptervlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList 10-20 NativeVlanID 10